Marginalia Pictures

The Challenge

Without any social media, Lizzy wanted to guide her online presence into one place – her first website. With a lot of high profile projects, she needed somewhere to collect past films and share upcoming projects. She also needed a video reel of her past work and a stylish way to display YouTube film trailers and direct viewers to online viewing options of the full films.

The Idea

Inspired by her film catalogue, elegant, intelligent and inviting were my keywords for this site. I created a digital scrapbook of her work that took a nod from the company’s name itself. The term “marginalia” originates from the Middle Ages and describes the marks made in the margins of manuscripts, books or other documents. From illustrations, comments, or doodles in the margins, they were a way for the artist to comment on or express themselves in regards to the main content.

I created a modern, multimedia take on this concept with clickable and animated illustrations that would pop up additional information about her projects including picture archives, reviews, and award laurels. To create the sense of nostalgia Lizzy was looking to capture, I drew from retro journals and stationary paper for the fonts, margin lines and color palette. This scrapbook format kept the heart of the site clean and the main content easy to navigate with the marginalia giving the viewer an option to dive deeper into her career. Finally, front and center, I created a large video of her work with a color treatment to create some cohesion to the look of her varied film catalogue.

Client Quote
"Mark was super competent and supportive through this process. He was able to translate the feel of my work into the site stylistically and to include so much information while still keeping each page clean, easy to read and whimsical. The whole project was simple, seamless and fun. Additionally, I had a very fast deadline and Mark made the entire website in record time. "

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