Mark Strano
Hi, I'm Mark!

I’ve always been drawn to independent-minded spirits and privately owned companies that have a passion for their content, services and ideas.

With 20+ years in small business management including operations, customer relations, and marketing for a diverse set of industries including health, fitness, and high-end foods, I pride myself on bringing clarity and streamlined processes to each company.

With over 20+ years experience developing & producing films, theatre, social media, and marketing content, I’ve seen projects through from initial concept to final delivery including ideation, writing, design, pitching, fundraising, coordinating crew, overseeing the edit, and representing projects at festivals. I have a personal commitment to inclusivity and supporting queer content.

~ Mark Strano

past lives


Convey the narrative.

I’ve written several feature length screenplays, short films and created and filmed various content across social media platforms. Honing the concept or “big beautiful idea” is key in my narrative storytelling.


Captivate the audience.

From stage to screen, I’ve acted in countless productions, winning Best Actor at Outfest Los Angeles for the feature film Tiger Orange that I co-wrote and produced.


Streamline the process.

I’ve managed the day to day operations, bookkeeping, scheduling, executive assistance, and customer service for several small businesses, streamlining their processes and procedures.


Make it a reality.

I produced several short films, plays, salons and feature films. The feature film, Tiger Orange, which I co-wrote/produced, toured the film festival circuit worldwide and gained distribution on Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Hulu.

Mark Strano

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