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Competitive pricing aimed at artists, small businesses and solopreneurs, with site design that doesn't require costly upkeep.
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Sites that pop and bring the viewer in, leading them on a clear path to discover your core values, content and services.


Simple website design gives a sense of calm assurance for the viewer, setting the stage for trust in you and your services.


Ease of navigation that is intuitive and allows the viewer to find information quickly.
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Great website design should look effortless. An intuitive layout and precise presentation of ideas allow your message to come through in the clearest way possible. Repetition of ideas, unnecessary pages and an overabundance of content can muddy the message. Less is more.

Here's How We'll Work

We start with a conversation on your site goals:

I’ll ask you various questions in order to clarify your messaging. The more I understand your business and what makes it tick, the more I can convey your passion in the website design and the more engaging and genuine your site will feel.

After that initial meeting, I pull together a packet of ideas:

a site map: an organization of pages, their content and their functions

a wireframe: a simple black & white sketch of the homepage or key page showing my take on the design structure

a style guide: site colors, typography and occasionally image or icon ideas

After receiving your approval on those materials:

  • I design a draft of the homepage and possibly one key page on a password-protected hosting site.

With approval on the site design:

  • I create the entire site.
  • We do 2-3 site wide review sessions to tweak the vision and content.

Then we are ready to launch!

I use a platform that combines hosting and design to create your site:

This is the most cost effective way I’ve found to give you flexibility with your design needs, security update protection, and the ability for you to manage the yearly billing and site access for contributors if needed.

I can set up your site for a one-time fee after which you may self-manage content, updates or a site blog. I will make sure you understand how to update those areas with confidence.

Alternatively, I can return when updates are needed for an additional fee. Options are based on your needs and skill set.

After our work together, clients tell me they have a clearer vision of what they do and what makes them unique in the marketplace. Good site design can do that. Please reach out. Say hello. And let me know what you need in a website.


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