Haytown Nursery School

The Challenge

With this site redesign, we needed a full reimagining that used some of the same content while adding new programs and room for growth. The previous site had become outdated and wasn’t capturing the joyful and playful vibe of this nursery school. Smaller pictures and hard to read text were shrinking the site’s effectiveness.

The Idea

Inspired from the previously designed school logo, bright colors and playful, animated animals and nature scenes were created to capture the whimsy of childhood. Lively movement on graphic elements, pop-down text and shifting boxes creates an energetic journey throughout. Big images and large text make the site easier to read and navigate. Finally, an interactive sandbox gives the visitor a way to virtually tour the new outside play spaces.

Client Quote
"A big thank you to Mark for perfectly capturing the magic, whimsy and spirit of Haytown. It was a pleasure working with you."

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