Emilia's Graces

The Challenge

The client was greatly disappointed over their first for-hire website design. The site was created on a generic shop platform that wasn’t conducive to customizations and the little that was customized lacked personality and ease of navigation. So armed with a logo and most of the text, I was tasked to recreate a site that better reflected the company’s brand.

The Idea

Named after the owner’s preschool aged daughter and with product flavors such as Peanut Butter & Jelly Granola, the company has a playful quality. I reflected this fun, homemade tone with claymorphism which is a light 3D effect much like clay. This was expressed in bubbly large buttons than rotate when hovered over, large almost 3D bags of granola, and extra large wooden spoons, whisk beaters and mixing bowls that twist and turn as you scroll along and playfully track your mouse movements. Trails of granola spilled throughout the site give a playful nod to the company’s motto – “We leave a trail of oats everywhere we go.”

Finally, the shop needed a more inclusive shipping policy that accurately calculated rates at checkout. So I helped devise the many pickup, local delivery and nationwide shipping options based on regions that finished off a customized online store.

Client Quote
"As a full time baker running a small business, I found one of my biggest challenges to be removing my hands from baking to get to my computer - respond to messages, respond to orders placed through social media, posting the granola flavors I have available, etc. When my hands aren’t busy in the kitchen, they are home with an active 4 year old. I needed a website and the tools to help me grow. When I met Mark, one of the first things I told him was this – please be patient. Getting to my computer is a challenge when I’m in gloved hands running a commercial kitchen more often than not. Not only was he incredibly patient, he was creative, playful, took my ideas and transformed them. After a brief meeting, he was able to integrate my personality and my business vision into a professionally constructed, easy to use (for both myself and the customer) website that has since reached both existing and new customers. Mark has been amazing to work with. If you think you’re not ready for a website, think you are too small or Ecommerce is too confusing – talk to Mark. He makes is simple, does all the hard work for you and you will find your 'ta-da!'"

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